Commission on Postsecondary Education


CPE is advising private postsecondary institutions to transition to distance education whenever feasible. Institutions not currently approved by CPE for a distance education modality can complete the CPE distance education course approval form for authorization.  If the institution is accredited, the institution must also seek approval from the accrediting body for the change in modality. Please ensure that CPE receives the request to the accrediting body with the authorization forms.  This will help speed the approval process.


For institutions with practical or clinical activities unable to move to an online forum, not deems as essential or those institutions that are statutorily restricted from providing distance education, the institution should suspend training until the health threat of COVID19 has diminished or provide a plan of action to the Commission. 


For institutions approved for the VA Educational program, VA is asking all schools to temporarily refrain from making any adjustments to enrollment certifications if training has changed due to COVID-19.


All in person services has been suspended until further notice. Please contact staff via email with any questions.