Licensure Overview

The Commission on Postsecondary Education (CPE) is responsible for licensure and oversight of most of the private postsecondary schools operating in Nevada pursuant to NRS 394 and NAC 394. Before a postsecondary institution can operate in Nevada, the school must either be licensed or exempted by the CPE.  All applications are online under the LICENSURE tab, including a single page form you can complete and submit to determine if licensure is required.

Initial licensure requires the school to complete the appropriate application – Degree or Non-Degree – and submit it to the CPE. The Commission meets quarterly, usually the first Wednesday of February, May, August, and November, and the deadline for submission is 60 prior to the scheduled meeting. Staff process applicants in the order received and early submission is encourage to provide schools adequate response time to address deficiencies.   

There are numerous submission requirements and all are listed on the checklist/forms within each application. Staff will work with the school to ensure the application is complete, but note that CPA-prepared financial statement (audited or reviewed) are mandatory and if not submitted within the deadline, your application will be rejected.  All non-degreed vocational schools must attend a School Licensing Workshop prior to submission.