Notice Concerning Morrison University

Morrison University, owned by Education Training Corporation, permanently closed on September 25, 2014.  Morrison University does not hold a valid license from the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education to operate within the state of Nevada. Morrison Holdings LLC does not hold a business license with the Nevada Secretary of State to operate in Nevada. 

    COVID19 Update

    Many institutions have moved courses online whenever possible in response to the COVID19 national emergency.  CPE has provided official notice of distance education approval however many institutions were already approved to provide distance education or online education prior to the emergency.  As a constantly evolving situation, please contact CPE if you have concerns about your training provider.

    Transcript request and student complaints must be mailed to:

    Commission on Postsecondary Education
    2800 E. St. Louis Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV  89104

    For questions about filing student complaints, please call 702-486-7330. 

      Information for Students

      The Commission licenses private postsecondary institutions that offer training in Nevada to adults with a few exceptions such as cosmetology, truck driving and flight training. Before you enroll in any private postsecondary school, you should find out several things. The Commission protects students of licensed schools with a tuition refund program for student impacted by closure of the school during attendance. Schools can not legally guarantee you a job, if any school does this, please contact the Commission.

        Please read the following and remember that you can contact the Commission for assistance or more information.

          Rika Makeup Academy

            Art Institute of Las Vegas

            On December 18, 2019, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools notified the campus of the decision to withdrawal accreditation by suspension.  For more information on the withdrawal notice go to  Effective December 20, 2019, the federal appointed Receiver for the parent company of Art Institute of Las Vegas, Dream Center Education Holdings (DCEH), announced the immediate closure of the institution. 

            For students who have filed a complaint with CPE while the institution was still in operation, CPE will be assessing each case individually.  If the student's case included the receipt of DE Title IV funding, the Commission will have to wait for payment determination to be made to close out the file. Staff will be reaching out to student on updates as they become available. For overall activities, please refer to the student information page for current events.

            Options for students:

            Information concerning potential transfer options can be found at and a email has been sent by the Receivers office to all current students with specific transfer information to the eight Art Institute locations.

            Students who were attending the school at the time of closure or within 120 days of the closure may be eligible for a closed school loan discharge or federal loan forgiveness. through the U.S. Department of Education (DE). Additional information is located at or for general information https://studentaid.gob/announcements-events/closed-school. DE has updated the information page to include Art Institute of Las Vegas in the closed school file and has sent out emails.

            Students who were unable to complete a program of study, in attendance at the time of closure and who are unable to transfer credits to another institution may be eligible for student indemnification for out of pocket monies paid for tuition and fees. We are unable to assist with book fees and supplies.  Students will need to provide documentation of payments via receipts, cancelled checks, credit card statements or bank statements.  CPE has requested documentation from the Receiver voiding any Tuition Options contracts and collections for impacted students. 

            For recent graduates:

            CPE has informed the Receiver's office that students who graduated in the Spring, Summer and Fall terms of 2019 have not received an official diploma.  The Receiver is working to rectify the diploma issue. Follow up information will be posted on the CPE website as it becomes available. CPE ceased diploma's from the spring 2019 semester only.  Please contact the office to see if we have your document.

            Student Records:

            NEW! CPE has received transcripts for Art Institute of Las Vegas.  Students who were unable to finish a degree and wish to transfer can have transcripts sent to the new institution without fee as part of the transfer process. 

            CPE has ceased historical student records located at the Henderson campus and is scheduled to collect the remaining student files within the week.  Per the agreement with the Receiver, CPE is anticipating receipt of all digital student transcripts by January 31, 2020.   

            For Individuals Utilizing the VA Educational Benefits Program:

              Kofe Institute Closure

              The Commission received notification of the closure of Kofe Institute on December 2, 2019 effective November 30, 2019.  While the institution provided student files, the Commission has not received student transcripts or the list of students attending at the time of closure as required by statute.

              Students who are in need of a transcript or proof of training are encouraged to contact staff for assistance.

              Brightwood College Closure

              Brightwood College announced the permanent closure of the Las Vegas campus effective December 7, 2018.  CPE has received transcripts for students.

                ITT Student Indemnification

                Student who filed student indemnification claims for the closure of ITT Technical Institute will be contacted via email once the federal bankruptcy settlement has completed.  Students were permitted to file individual claims within the bankruptcy proceeding and certain loan debt was also included in this process.  CPE can not proceed until the federal process in completed and the agency can submit the surety claim for payment the remaining debt.  On August 2019 the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection has entered into a stipulated final judgement and order with the Trustee of ITT.  CPE has requested information concerning student debt relieved by this judgement and the impact on the claim for surety.  Once this has been received, CPE will move forward in surety collection to initiate student claims.

                CPE will post any updates concerning indemnification on the web page.  Students will not be contacted directly until the bond surety is received and a claim is awarded.

                Department of Education has announced approval to cancel approximately $500 million in federal student loans held by the borrowers who attended ITT Technical Institute.


                  Student Refunds

                  Student refunds may be available to student who experienced out of pocket tuition costs for school closures. This does not include any federal financial aid or loans.

                  To be eligible a student must: 

                  • Be in attendance at the time of closure
                  • Experience out of pocket tuition costs (including third party educational loans)
                  • Unable to transfer credits to complete the program/degree
                  • File a claim within 1 year of the closure
                  • Provide the student enrollment agreement and proof of payments

                  Student who attended the school 120 prior to the close up to the closure date and utilized federal financial aid must file a claim with the U.S. Department of Education at


                    Check to see if the school has a business license (city or county) and if required, a license issued by the Commission on Postsecondary Education. If the school is not licensed by the Commission on Postsecondary Education, the institution must be licensed by another state agency or the federal government (unless the College/University is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education).

                      Licensure of private schools is mandatory in most states unless the licensing entity has exempted the school. In Nevada, all licensed schools are required to prominently display the schools license which includes the inclusive dates of the license. The license should be current. If you are planning on enrolling in an out-of-state school, contact the Commission as we are in contact with other state licensing agencies and can assist you in determining if the school is legitimately operating.


                        If your goal is to obtain an associate degree or higher, you should make sure the school you are attending is accredited. Nevada has prohibitions concerning the issuance of degrees if the school is unaccredited. There are several types of accreditation, regional, national and specialized. Many of the specialized accreditation is required for licensure in a specific occupation but does not meet the Nevada definition of accreditation.  Nevada regulations mandate that the accrediting body be recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. You can check the US Department of Education web site or contact the Commission for additional information.


                          Most schools will have a financial aid person who can help you determine the best way to pay for your education and you should check with the school for additional information. There is a state Millennium Scholarship program as well as U.S. Department of Education programs that may be available to assist in paying for your education.

                          Student Complaint

                          Students enrolled in a licensed private postsecondary educational institution have the right to register a legitimate complaint with CPE.  Prior to filing a complaint, the student must attempt to resolve the issue with school officials according to the policies of the school.  Each institution is required to publish a catalog and have each student complete an enrollment agreement for an enrollment to be legally valid.  Please review these documents when considering filing a complaint.

                          If a student is unable to reach a resolution with the institution, the student can contact CPE and we will attempt to resolve the issue.  Until 1 year after the last date of attendance or date on which the damage occurred, whichever is later, a person claiming damage as a result of any act by a postsecondary educational institution or its agents that is a violation of NRS 394.383 to 394.560 inclusive or regulations adopted pursuant thereto. The complaint must set forth the alleged violation and contain other information as required by regulation of the Commission.

                          Formal complaints are investigated by staff with a decision by the Administrator.  If either party does not agree with that decision, an appeal to the full Commission may be requested within 10 days of the Administrator decision. 

                          Students must provide CPE with a copy of the student enrollment agreement, receipt of monies paid, all support documentation related to the allegation and a written statement.  Failure to provide support documentation can impact the length of time to complete an investigation or impact the final outcome. CPE will not communicate with a student concerning the investigation until the investigation is concluded unless the agency requires additional information from the student.   

                          Investigations may take several months to complete based the complexity of issues, staff resources and documentation review.