Initial Approvals

Facilities Seeking Initial Approval

Due to the program approval requirements which are dependent on the type of program(s) seeking approval, please contact the SAA directly.  During the conversation, we will discuss prior experience with the program, approvability, and determine if an application is the next best step.  Please keep in mind that there is no specific timeframe to expect an approval to be completed as the application process requires a detailed review of the facilities administrative capacity, curriculum, and facility.  General requirements to participate in the program can be reviewed in USC 3670 to 3679.

Students Attending a Program that is not currently approved

Please contact the individual authorized at your facility/training establishment to discuss potential approval of a program of training.  Approval of VA Educational Benefits is voluntary and requires the facility to submit an application and work with the SAA through the approval process.  Therefore, the facility/training establishment must be willing to apply to participate in the program and remain in compliance with all necessary regulations once approved.

If the facility/training establishment is interested in pursuing approval, they can contact the SAA to discuss the requirements.  Please note that if you are already attending your program of training and approval is granted, the approval will not be retroactively effective.  Benefits can only be paid from the approval date forward.  The required application can be a lengthy process to complete.

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