Continued Approvals

Continued Approval for VA Educational Benefits

Any changes to the current approval including location changes/additions, catalogs/Veteran’s Information Bulletins (VIB), School Certifying Officials, and Accreditation Status, Wages and Standards (On-the-Job Training/Apprenticeship) must be reported to the SAA immediately.


The Nevada SAA requires that a Catalog Checklist be submitted for all Revised Catalog Approvals. Changes in location, addendums, accreditation status, wages, and standards can be submitted along with a letter indicating that the information is “true and correct in content and policy".


All submissions have two options. The first option includes electronically as a searchable pdf file (Adobe Acrobat) and one hard copy. The second option includes two printed hard copies. All information should be accessible, therefore if you submit paper documents that refer to hyperlinks, please ensure a copy of is provided.

    School Certifying Official Resources

    Each year the Nevada SAA and the VA ELR hosts a School Certifying Official Conference at no charge to participants.  Approval facilities are highly encouraged to attend as the conference covers changes in the law, VA interpretations, compliance survey issues and certifying information.  SCO's are required to stay abreast of changes that impact their participation in the program and the conference serves as an excellent way to stay informed.

    SAA Contact

    Ryan Rishling
    VA Educational Specialist
    (702) 486-7330 option 3