Currently Licensed School Forms


Please note that we are currently updating forms to reflect our new location.  Please direct all mail to:


2800 E. St. Louis Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89104



Distance Education Exemption

Approval to provide education via distance education with no physical presence triggers

Location Changes

Private Postsecondary Institutions are required to notify CPE of any location changed prior to the move or estalishment of additional facilities

Added Facility

Request to add a new facility or additional training site to a license

Change in Ownership

Licensed schools are required to submit the request for change of ownership within 10 days of the sale to avoid the termination of the license.


Forms to request program modification or to add a new program

Added Program (Accredited)

Packet to add a new program approved by a DOE recognized accrediting body. Added programs outside the scope of the institutions current offering will require approval of the Commission

Added Program (Unaccredited)

Packet to add a new program for an unaccredited school. Processing time frame varies depending on curriculum evaluation. Commission hearing may be required.

Licensed School Renewal

Renewal packet for schools with full term licensing required every 24 months. Updated application.

Updated Student Grievance Sign

This sign is a required posting for all private postsecondary education institutions. It must be posted at the campus in a conspicuous location. Sign is updated with new website.