Applications for Licensure

The following applications are for institutions that operate within the State of Nevada and require full licensure.  Institutions are required to establish a Nevada facility to be eligible for a full license.

Degree Granting Application (Under construction - please contact CPE for Complete application)

This application is intended for approval to offer any educational program that leads to at least an associate degree or credits for a degree

Degree Licensure Checklist

Required with Applicaiton and must be completed and initialed
doc document

Surety Bond

CPE will determine the amount of surety required for licensure. All surety bonds must be issued using the CPE form
doc document


Establishes financial condition of applicant and planned expenses during the first year of operation.
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Facility Information

Information concerning Nevada campus location
html document


Information concerning ownership type and required documents
html document

Catalog and Enrollment Agreement

Checklists to attach to the submitted catalog and enrollment agreement
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Accreditation/Licensure Disclosure

Required information about current or previous ownership or operation of a postsecondary institution
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